Thought I’d post this delightfully fun print to celebrate the historic same-sex marriage rulings we had here in the states yesterday—woohoo! So much love for each and every. Celebrate with lluminate—the third in the ROYGBIV series by Michael C. Place. Available for purchase in the Build shop.


In the world of creative friends, we are insanely blessed and thankful each day. So when letterpress shop Tabletop Made (dear friends Sarah & Karis) asked me (M) to redesign their logo and collaborate on some cards & prints, I was tickled pink. On one of my many friendship trips to Santa Barbara, California in April, we nailed it. Their chosen logo, no lie, was hand painted while on the flight home. I also got to create the type for their FAR OUT and It’s gonna be great cards/prints. AND in addition to all that goodness, we teamed up with another great friend who knows a few things about websites (and makes a mean cold-brew coffee). Leo at Basic took all the type I painted, and designed/built Tabletop’s sparkly new site. Check it out here, and start shopping—there are so many goodies! It doesn’t get anymore made the in USA than this.

SIFF_webSIFF_Kweb2A week ago we had the opportunity to see Sofia Coppola’s North American premiere of her latest film Bling Ring and attend the gala that followed in Seattle’s Museum of History and Industry. The evening was spent with great friends, the weather was sunny, and our hopes were high for a mere sighting of Ms. Coppola or, what if, Emma Watson. AHHH!! Turns out they weren’t in attendance, but amidst the excitement, we were asked to have our group photo taken by Seattle fashion blogger It’s My Darlin who was shooting on behalf of SIFF—and K was pulled aside for a special solo shoot. Go see the film when you can, and in the meantime, enjoy its soundtrack here, too.

Seattle02Seattle01Seattle in winter. I took these photographs 12 days ago from the 75th floor of the Columbia Tower. And while we had snowflakes just on Friday, alas, this morning’s weather was different—the first morning in this very new spring that the sun was rising brightly at 6:30. It was quite lovely. To celebrate, here’s a darling little song: Winter, ade!. Goodbye, winter! Laters. Listen to it here.

Winter, ade! Scheiden tut weh.
Aber dein Scheiden macht
Daß mir das Herze lacht.
Winter, ade! Scheiden tut weh.

Winter, ade! Scheiden tut weh.
Gerne vergess’ ich dein,
Kannst immer ferne sein.
Winter, ade! Scheiden tut weh.

Winter, ade! Scheiden tut weh.
Gehst du nicht bald nach Haus,
Lacht dich der Kuckuck aus.
Winter, ade! Scheiden tut weh.

Goodbye, winter! Parting hurts.
But your parting
Makes my heart laugh.
Goodbye, winter! Parting hurts.

Goodbye, winter! Parting hurts.
I’ll gladly forget you,
You can always be far away.
Goodbye, winter! Parting hurts.

Goodbye, winter! Parting hurts
If you don’t go home soon,
The cuckoo will laugh at you!
Goodbye, winter! Parting hurts.


01 02Unexpected blog-time-off. Ya know when you get back from a holiday and you have post-travel blues? That’s been happening since September ended, but good things have been happening, I promise! One of those things is I finally read Julia Child’s “My Life in France” and I am forever a changed person. Another is my darling friend Lauren gave me Donna Hay’s Seasons cookbook as a gift and I have been loving every recipe of it. It even looks like us on the cover!—and while we do make an amazing duo in the kitchen (and I aspire to be the Simca to her Julia), we have yet to set up the dining table someplace with a high likelihood of getting ticks all over our bodies. Although I suppose they are wearing long sleeves. Tonight it was time for the Roasted Garlic and Ricotta Pasta recipe, an adaptation using the ingredients we had—so no ricotta but Comté! Dig in! Oh hello again.

INGREDIENTS//  10 cloves garlic / 1 1/2 cups pitted Kalamata olives / olive oil / 2 TBsp salted capers, rinsed and drained / 1/4 cup pine nuts / 1/3 cup fresh oregano leaves / juice of 1/2 a lemon / [package of] fresh pappardelle / cracked black pepper / 2/3 cup grated Comté

INSTRUCTIONS//  Preheat the oven to 180°C / 355°F. Place the garlic (as is), olives and 1 TBsp of oil in a baking dish and toss to coat. Roast for 15 minutes or until the garlic is tender. Peel the garlic, mash, and set aside. Oil a frying pan over medium heat, get it hot. Add the capers, pine nuts and oregano and cook/stir for 3 minutes until the oregano is crisp. Add the lemon juice, remove from heat and set aside. Cook the pasta in a saucepan of salted boiling water for 5 minutes or until al dente. Drain and return to the pan. Add the olives, mashed garlic, pine nut mixture, pepper, Comte and toss to combine. Divide among plates to serve. Serves 2–4, depending on how hungry you are, and whether or not you serve any sides.

Get your copy of Seasons here (US) or here (UK).

settingrad2foodI was given a GATHER Journal in December, then bought 2 more to give as Christmas gifts, and just tonight made my first recipe: smoky black lentils & radicchio. It was, like, better than anything I’ve made in a long time. I didn’t really make a new year’s resolution, but am trying to be more patient and focused, and this includes kitchen behaviour. You’ll want GATHER if you like one or more of the following: paper, print, books, the smell of ink, photography, unpretentiousness, eating, and/or cooking. I’m not even going to list the recipe like I usually do because you need to just go out and get it. Next up is the Black Velvet—a champagne and Guinness cocktail—or maybe the tea eggs with bone broth. Find a copy and happy new year. Bon appetit!

Aaaand. We’re. Back! It’s been a bit—travelling, unpacking, new jobs, installing computer memory, Thanksgiving, yelling at health insurance companies. The move from London to Seattle was more difficult (mentally, emotionally) than expected. It’s been awhile, but alas, we are officially moved in, the sun lamp has been ordered, and the new couch arrived as did the holidays—so we decided to pick up the blog again. I couldn’t think of a better way to ease back in than with a friend gift guide—that is, goods our close friends (and I!) have made or do—all of which you might consider for your friends & family this December holiday of choice. Made with love in USA or UK, of course! Only the best.

CopticStreetClockwise: Boutique Textiles tree skirtTabletop Made holiday card packs / Radica Textiles fabric-by-the-yard / Boutique Textiles ombré cushions / Branch greeting cards / Direct Relief International domestic and/or international donations