British [sweetie] pies

Meet Sam and Jo, our first and only friends in the UK so far. These guys are great. Just fantastic! Friends of Alisa, Swilly & Damon of the SB, California crew. It was evident after a few drinks, dinner, lots of chatting and laughing, (AND getting lost while walking us home) that these two were the kinds of insiders one would hope to have in a new city. They have patiently answered all our questions and now we know where to buy a bed, that rocket is arugula, puddings are desserts, aubergine is eggplant, and most importantly, that no one (except Americans) has called it the “Chunnel”—ever. They had a good laugh at us for saying that, and then corrected us, “Eurostar.”

  1. Alisa said:


    don’t forget prams for strollers.

    i might still call it the “chunnel” fyi. has a certain ring to it.

  2. ahh lixer.. you and your chunnel (that may have come out wrong…)

    oh and fyi… we did not get ‘lost’… i was given the wrong street name… it was all soon recitified and they were delivered home, safe and sound.

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