Swilly told us we’d like the Angel, Islington ‘hood and sure enough, check out this little Viennese gem we discovered there. If I could only pick one place to eat for the rest of my life, after my Mum’s house, it would be Kipferl. K had to work, but J was in town visiting and we decided to give it a whirl!
I said, “Jeff, when I was in Vienna, they had these—they actually put cheese in the sausage, it’s incredible.” So was the beer and everything really, plus not shown here: the smoked trout appetizer, which came with this whipped-cream-cranberry-horseradish spread piece of heaven. Not to mention, it was cheap eats, which is hard to come by in this town. AND it turns out they have a location on the street behind the hospital, so we may just become regulars. I better eat some breakfast.

  1. To be fair, cheese in sausage is a common Midwest US thing too, but that does look like a damn fine meal. Cool that you got to see Jeff. I love your Ldn adventures.

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