Borough Market

The weekend we had our first sleepover guest Jeff, we did not yet have the internet at home. Having effectively incapacitated all his wireless devices and practically forcing him to spend the weary internet-less days talking and drinking with us, we decided to go to the Borough Market. It was bustling and packed with all kinds of food and people as expected. At some point, it felt too crowded and too touristy, but we managed to stuff our hungry selves with hot duck confit sandwich, rock oysters and all kinds of sample cheese. It was a good mid-afternoon outing. On the way back home, before going to dinner, we caught the beginning of evening rain then the bus and Jeff finally got to sit in front on upper deck. We walked through another little street after getting off the bus and finally found figs, spicy chorizo and salami, which were to be eaten hours after dinner, with a terrible bottle of red wine, but that’s a whole other story.

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  1. Katie R said:

    Holy shit. That hoof clamped in the spicket is nuts. Crazy Britts.

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