Royal Wedding Kitsch

The Royal Wedding is still very much taking place over here. And tomorrow I (M) am going to tour Buckingham Palace, while the Queen is still on holiday in Scotland and K is out saving lives. As part of this tour, I will even get to see the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress on display. I considered wearing nude pantyhose in her honour, but I just can’t do it. Anyway, all this—combined with my love for souvenir kitsch and our need to buy mugs for the flat—has led me on the search for the perfect Royal Wedding souvenir mug. There are too many from which to choose! Some with royal colours, some where William has more hair, some with varying shapes or additional coasters (see fig. 2.1 & 2.2). Cast your vote in the comment section, voting ends EOD PST on 04/10 and then we’ll buy the winning mug; I know K is just dying to have one! I really want one with their photograph, just sayin’.

  1. Missy said:

    touch choice.. they’re all so Bad. And by bad i mean good.
    i’m going with 7 or 3.

  2. swilly said:

    I’m feelig no.1 followed by no.3. i say get both depending on your mood.

  3. Cat said:

    I vote for 2.1 and 8.

  4. dhoogest said:

    5. Clearly it has the most photographs. Its like 3, but 8x better!

  5. Missy said:

    and the verdict is.. ??

  6. The voting will be open until end of day Tuesday, oh dear it’s October already. Where are the rest of our friends and why haven’t they voted? And Dawn? Mother? Benny?

  7. Alissa Morris said:

    09 All the way!!!

  8. Lesley Weiner said:

    I like 2.2!

    • Lesley Weiner said:

      I feel like it should really be a wedding photo, and that one has “the kiss”.

  9. Katie R said:

    2 is what the royal family would want you to have, maddy. I’m sure of it.

  10. Bev Eiche Kriner said:

    I vote for 2.2 . . .. .. . the kiss. You know I’m all about “the kiss”.

  11. Jo Harley said:

    I vote for 2.2. It’s got to be one with ‘the kiss’. Love it x

  12. Jo Harley said:

    And 8 & 9 too. Get a couple of each! X

  13. Reid said:

    Tough call, the simple & striped! #9 is nice, but for max kitsch……
    The kiss can’t be beat
    2.2 over 4 because of the really nice decorative pattern around the rim

    & it looks like it’s been price Reduced!

  14. dawn said:

    09 09 09 09 09 09 09 09 09 09 09 09
    no doubt

  15. Schwag said:

    So mad I missed the cutoff to vote. I thought the deadline was April 10th. I must learn proper date formatting.

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