Worship Street Whistling Shop

Where 1 drink will inevitably lead to 3, do not come to London without visiting The Whistling Shop. Manager and mixologist extraordinaire Ryan Chetiyawardana and his team are not only concocting the most delicious drinks with the most unique ingredients, they are nice. They will give you a tour of their lab, answer in great length any questions you have about anything, and laugh with you when their homemade fermenting champagne literally starts exploding on the shelf from the day’s heat. (They told us they use vinegar to make their bubbly!) Our friend Kevin was in town from Seattle and after a long day of sightseeing, we indulged. This included: The House Gin Fizz with Tanqueray Gin, lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, vanilla salt, orange bitters, and soda; The Tin and Jonic with Quinine Ketal One Vodka, housemade raspberry soda, black pepper and rose; and the Punch and Judy with Ron Zacap 23, housemade walnut ketchup* and malic acid. *The walnut ketchup is a combination of Port wine, green walnut, chocolate, saffron and spice. Photos from The Boilermaker interview.

  1. Who did the photography on this one you two? It’s REALLY good stuff. Love the 2nd shot.

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