Monthly Archives: September 2011

Love these prints by UK artist Stephany Pollard. Spotted them last week at Beyond the Valley
in Soho. Our flat is a bit bare at the moment, we need to make/get a few pieces of artwork.
And maybe a few other things. This weekend is junk shop weekend for us! Cross your
fingers we’ll find some sweet deals. If you’ve lived in Ldn, send us your recommendations
on where to go for the best selection & prices for second-hand furniture. XO.


Swilly told us we’d like the Angel, Islington ‘hood and sure enough, check out this little Viennese gem we discovered there. If I could only pick one place to eat for the rest of my life, after my Mum’s house, it would be Kipferl. K had to work, but J was in town visiting and we decided to give it a whirl!
I said, “Jeff, when I was in Vienna, they had these—they actually put cheese in the sausage, it’s incredible.” So was the beer and everything really, plus not shown here: the smoked trout appetizer, which came with this whipped-cream-cranberry-horseradish spread piece of heaven. Not to mention, it was cheap eats, which is hard to come by in this town. AND it turns out they have a location on the street behind the hospital, so we may just become regulars. I better eat some breakfast.

Back in Baltimore, USA, insanely talented friends Bruce and Nolan of Post Typography have been busy bees, but we especially love their new wallpaper for Maharam. Lucky.

Conjoined Alphabet and Floral Explosion, I think you can tell which is the latter—look closely. “Intricate, seemingly-traditional floral motifs are revealed to be composed entirely of comic-book style explosions and weaponry,” says Bruce.

Crumpets. We bought our first crumpets at the grocery store this week—8 crumpets for only 65p! This one had butter and raspberry jam, consumed at tea time while writing home to Mother.

Along the Thames and outside the British Museum, these food trucks are incredible—serving ice cream, crêpes, and coffee simply and stylishly. In the first photo, the sweet old lady wanted mint chocolate chip ice cream and they told her they were all out, so she said she’d wait there until they got more.

I’ve (M) become really good at window shopping as of late. But Liberty is not the type of place one simply walks by. I’ve gone two days in a row to explore every nook and cranny of this more-than-perfect department store. From textiles and books to vintage fashion and modern designers to perfumes and egg cups, I think even boys would enjoy shopping if every department store were like this one. Yesterday I treated us to a bar of wisteria/lilac soap for £3. Did I mention the main entrance is the flower shop?

My new favorite favourite place for all things paper (and beyond) is Paperchase. From notebooks and pencil cases to cards and anglepoise lamps (of which I’m now obsessed, thanks to JW), it is stationery/designy bliss. These two notebooks are my current top picks.