Monthly Archives: October 2011

Hi, Friday. Yesterday after meeting fellow American-from-my-hometown Samantha for some yummy fancy cheeseburgers at the Bloomsbury Farmers’ Market, I picked up some chestnuts—very likely my favourite snack of all time, maybe second to candy corn which they don’t seem to have around here.
And in addition to gathering many supplies for autumn baking, we also bought this screenprint from a 1920’s children’s book made in the then Soviet Union, which is ready to hang. K just finished a week of night shift, we’re thinking of heading to the coast for a day this weekend. I need to see ocean.


We’ve been back to St. John Bread & Wine in Spitalfields 3 times now. You visit us here, we eat there, unless you don’t eat meat, then it’s unlikely, but might still be worth it for the puddings. Up to down:
I think these are sprats, roasted quail with crabapple jelly, date loaf with butterscotch sauce.

This post will likely be old news to Londoners, but for our lovies back near Beaverton, USA, this rocks. You may remember an old post where we featured the fantastic Liberty store that we love? Well, their textile designers collaborated with Nike to create these super sweet trainers. At around £75 a pair,
they are some of the most affordable pieces of art and worthwhile souvenirs we’ve seen ’round town. (Except for my Royal Wedding mug, of course.)

We all have 3 or 4 good stories to tell in our lifetime. I’m still waiting for mine to finally get impatient and make demands, to be put down somewhere they can be seen, heard and talked about. In the meantime, I look for other people’s when they are out and about, so that I could somehow understand what needs to be done, to not forget about and lose mine. So, as my present to you all, just look at what whirls around in this store, A. Gold near Spitalfields. I declared it my “favorite coffee shop” although it’s so much more than that. To be fair, the shop itself ain’t no secret for those well versed in LDN, but man, the stories inside…Try to picture a small hallway size room filled with smell of freshly brewed—individually poured for a single cup—coffee, having some illicit Fatal Attraction-esque affairs with freshly baked goods, in front of everyone (!!), carrying on lewdly to the beat of 50’s jazz. I mean, come on! We haven’t even gotten to the handful of coffee filters that the shop’s friends visiting from Brazil bring on their carry-ons. And the fact that one of the guys (Philip?) just gave me another one to take home and try because I asked him about a strange phenomenon I encountered with the filter? Who are these kind hearted people? Not to mention the freshly carved slices of home cooked ham that feeds many banker/business types looking for a good time, I mean, lunch. See what I mean? Just go there and see for yourself. Please?

Pie! And tart. We ate our first British pie at the Borough Market and this was it, filled with various fishes, I forget what. Since this photo was taken, we’ve had 2 steak and ale pies, one not so hot,
the other was good but had puff pastry-like crust—is that legit? When Jeff visited, we ate this
perfect passionfruit tart meringue pudding in about 30 seconds. From a bakery in Angel.

One of our top favourite indie hip-hoppers from Seattle—Macklemore featuring Ryan Lewis—is in London tomorrow night (18/10) playing at XOYO near Old Street. K has to work, but I wouldn’t miss it.
I’ll be singing along and dancing like a teenager because the show will be that good. Not to mention he’s easy on the eyes, looks exactly like Jean-Paul Belmondo in Breathless. Tickets only £7.50 (that’s £5 cheaper than a movie, fyi), doors at 20:00. Find your city on the tour, listen here, see you there.

BenDrew and I are in a book together! Inside the World of Board Graphics Skate/Snow/Surf by Modern Dog and Rockport Publishers takes an in-depth look at the global nature and cultural influence of skate/snow/surf board art and design and peeks behind the scenes of the creative process. It’s a great honor to be included in the book alongside design and industry superstars.
Get your copy here: USA / UK. Better yet, take a closer look at the work of creative duo Drew & Nate behind We Quit the Plain. Maybe even place your order for a custom surfboard, handmade in sunshiny California. They are like giant, beautiful paintings you get to take outside and romp around with in the ocean! Lucky for me, sometimes I even get to contribute to WQTP, fiddling around with type and drawing deers and stuff. Love them. Photos by C. Eiche, R. Fletcher, S. Wilkinson, and A. Fletcher

26/10 update: just saw this book for sale in the Tate Modern gift shop! We’re in the Tate!