Book & boards

BenDrew and I are in a book together! Inside the World of Board Graphics Skate/Snow/Surf by Modern Dog and Rockport Publishers takes an in-depth look at the global nature and cultural influence of skate/snow/surf board art and design and peeks behind the scenes of the creative process. It’s a great honor to be included in the book alongside design and industry superstars.
Get your copy here: USA / UK. Better yet, take a closer look at the work of creative duo Drew & Nate behind We Quit the Plain. Maybe even place your order for a custom surfboard, handmade in sunshiny California. They are like giant, beautiful paintings you get to take outside and romp around with in the ocean! Lucky for me, sometimes I even get to contribute to WQTP, fiddling around with type and drawing deers and stuff. Love them. Photos by C. Eiche, R. Fletcher, S. Wilkinson, and A. Fletcher

26/10 update: just saw this book for sale in the Tate Modern gift shop! We’re in the Tate!


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