A. Gold

We all have 3 or 4 good stories to tell in our lifetime. I’m still waiting for mine to finally get impatient and make demands, to be put down somewhere they can be seen, heard and talked about. In the meantime, I look for other people’s when they are out and about, so that I could somehow understand what needs to be done, to not forget about and lose mine. So, as my present to you all, just look at what whirls around in this store, A. Gold near Spitalfields. I declared it my “favorite coffee shop” although it’s so much more than that. To be fair, the shop itself ain’t no secret for those well versed in LDN, but man, the stories inside…Try to picture a small hallway size room filled with smell of freshly brewed—individually poured for a single cup—coffee, having some illicit Fatal Attraction-esque affairs with freshly baked goods, in front of everyone (!!), carrying on lewdly to the beat of 50’s jazz. I mean, come on! We haven’t even gotten to the handful of coffee filters that the shop’s friends visiting from Brazil bring on their carry-ons. And the fact that one of the guys (Philip?) just gave me another one to take home and try because I asked him about a strange phenomenon I encountered with the filter? Who are these kind hearted people? Not to mention the freshly carved slices of home cooked ham that feeds many banker/business types looking for a good time, I mean, lunch. See what I mean? Just go there and see for yourself. Please?


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