What’s cookin’

Recipe no. 003. Roasting vegetables is, like, the only way to go. Although I do quite love them
in fresh juice. Regardless, popping them in the oven is both easy and delicious. Rumour has it that although they are an English Christmas staple, no one likes brussels over here. I’m convinced
it’s because they’ve never had mine. I even converted my sister, afterall. Fabric for napkins from
The Cloth House, stitching by yours truly. Turns out I can sew and watch Misfits, at the same time.

INGREDIENTS// (Serves 2) several handfulls of brussel sprouts / 2 medium to large beetroot /
1 small red onion / 2/3 cup couscous / olive oil / salt / pepper / a sprinkle of grated cheese (optional)

INSTRUCTIONS// Preheat oven to 150°C/300°F. Cut the small bottom off and peel a couple dirty/bug-bitten outer leaves of the brussels. Cut each end off the beetroot, wash to clean the mud, then cut into small pieces. (I never peel mine, nor does K, we like the earth.) Slice the onion. Put all of these in a baking dish, dress with olive oil, salt and pepper, stir to coat. Bake for 45 minutes to an hour, keep an eye on them, stirring every now and then. The brussel sprouts will get brown and irresistable! When all that is just about done cooking, put the couscous in a pot of 1 1/3 cup water. Bring to boil, cover and simmer on low until the water is absorbed which doesn’t take very long, so watch it. Plate couscous, sprinkle a dusting of cheese on top, then add roasted vegetables on top
of that. Cosy up with red wine and use the fancy napkins!

  1. Lesley Weiner said:

    I would please like this when I visit.

  2. num. Surprising the beets don’t dye everything more red. Made a salad with beets sliced paper-thin on the mandolin the other day and it was like a bloodbath. DIsh was delicious though…

  3. I added the brussels last because I almost didn’t use them, now that you say it. But actually, pink brussel sprouts would’ve made this much more festive—remember that for Christmastime.

  4. Cat said:

    afore mentioned sister agrees, they are super yummy!!!

  5. We grew brussel sprouts this summer. They were very small but really flavorful. I’m making a note to try this recipe. Yum!

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