I love elevens, the date’s got me feeling crazy—imagine being born today! So, it’s true, K has not posted to the blog in several weeks, I know, he has a proper job. I steal old photos from my family and forget to post them on Halloween. You like me as generously-chubby Mickey? I also go to the Tate Modern and see original drawings by Glasgow artist David Shrigley. Kicked out of art school, super famous now, the end. Go do something a little off this weekend, who cares, you’ll feel awesome. Maybe I’m going to eat a donut.

Apparently, it was a Disney/Warner Bros. themed 1982. I’m the ham, with sister Bugs, cousin Donald, and our maternal great grandmother who left us too soon, I never got to know her beyond this age.

  1. Cat said:

    You were in a really bad mood that day. You too had a mask but you absolutely refused to put it on. Typical, hehehehe!

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