Tomorrow = Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving in London! Except K and everyone else will be working tomorrow, so we decided to prepare a feast on Saturday instead. However, I made snazzy cranberry sauce (Recipe No. 004)
this morning since it will keep just fine and maybe you will make it, too. An important thanks this Thanksgiving week is for the cooking exposure and encouragement I received from my Mom and Pop and also my dear middle school home economics teacher Mrs. Lafko. A semester in Italy didn’t hurt things either. Enjoy this, and even with all that sugar, it’s still tart but perfect! I have now taste-tested many spoonfuls, naughty me. XO.

INGREDIENTS// 1 medium clementine or satsuma / 5 cups fresh cranberries / 4 in. cinnamon stick / juice of 1 lemon / generous 3/4 cup caster sugar / 1 cup shelled & chopped pecan nuts / 1/2 cup ruby or tawny port (I used the latter but the original recipe called for ruby)

INSTRUCTIONS// Wash and cut the clementine in half and remove any pips plus any really stringy pith. Finely chop the whole fruit, flesh and peel together. Place this, along with cranberries, cinnamon stick and lemon juice in a pot over low heat. Cook until the berries start to pop, then turn down the heat and stir in the sugar. Stir until the sugar has dissolved. Add the nuts and port and bring to a boil. Cook over a high heat for 3–5 minutes until thickened. Either let cool and store in fridge for eating immediately or pot into sterilized jars if you’re a canner (it fills 3–4 small jars).

From Ham, Pickles & Jam by Thane Prince

  1. We just made sticky date pudding! Reminded me of the monster one you made in Noosa. It was so good we took it back home! Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Still my favorite sweet, ever. I think I need to make that soon. I’m so thankful for the time in Australia with you and Alisa—Happy Thanksgiving!

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