Ilonka Karasz, it’s Christmas

Educated at the Royal School of Arts and Crafts in Budapest, Ilonka Karasz (1896–1981) emigrated to America in 1913 where she worked as a designer, interior designer, painter and illustrator, and quickly established herself as one of the foremost practitioners of modern design in America. She designed wallpaper, textiles, ceramics, rugs, china, toys, lamps, tiles, metalwork, and furniture. Founder-director of Design Group Inc., which was composed of craftsmen, designers and artists, Karasz was best known for her work with The New Yorker, for whom she made 186 magazine covers from 1924–1973.
So, pretty much, I want to be her.

The Twelve Days of Christmas (1949) was named one of the fifty books of the year for 1949 by
The American Institute of Graphic Arts. The New York Times called it “a miracle of design and imagination.” If you search Ilonka Karasz on, both books shown here are available. Photos from We Too Were Children.


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