The pond and back

It all happened rather fast, but our blog posts have been spotty as K is back to nonstop work and I am now in my hometown, anxiously awaiting the possibility to return to the UK with a visa. Now, a mix of blog theme from either side of the Atlantic. I’ve been here 2 days, am enjoying the comforts of home and family: have already used the laundry dryer, eaten scrapple, tickled the ivories a bit, and drove mum’s car on the right side of the road (Benny & I also narrowly avoided about 15 deer in a 10-minute drive last night). Best yet, there was my favourite lebanon bologna sandwich waiting for me in the car at the airport and a Union flag in the stuffies in my old room.

  1. scott said:

    what kind of visa are you applying for?

  2. lesley feldman said:

    I would KILL to have a laundry dryer in the house!!!!! And I love the photos you posted!

  3. Carolyn pfau said:

    Mads, my parents came to visit and brought me a whole hunk of Peters’ Brothers summer sausage, aka Lebanon bologna!!!

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