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A grand, pop art, colour-lover’s dream was seeing James Rosenquist’s F-111 at the MoMA in NYC last week. Totaling 23 panels that wrap around 4 walls, he began the eighty-six-foot-long painting in 1964 for the Leo Castelli Gallery and describes it as “the collusion between the Vietnam death machine, consumerism, the media, and advertising.” Rosenquist’s initial collages and sketches for F-111 were also on display (bottom left). That’s K taking snaps! He came to the Big Apple last week from London.



Tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Day, Doughnut Day, Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras, Carnival—wherever you are, however you celebrate it. We Pennsylvania Dutch call it Fasnacht Day. It is the day preceding Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. Also spelled fastnacht, it translates to “the night before fasting” in German. These sweets were made in order to rid the pantry of flour, sugar, lard, and potatoes, before fasting for the Lenten season. K and I are both stateside this week so my mum supplied us with a plentiful amount of fasnachts—we already ate some this morning in Brooklyn. I didn’t test this non-potato version, but here is an easy recipe just in case you’re curious.

FASNACHT KUCHA  1 1/2 quarts milk / 1/2 cup molasses or honey / 4 quarts flour / 2 tablespoons lard / 2 cakes yeast / 1 cup butter / 4 eggs

Scald the milk, then after cooling a little, stir in 2 quarts of the flour, to make a batter. Add the yeast after dissolving in lukewarm water. Beat well and let stand overnight to rise. Cream the butter; eggs, molasses or honey, and then add more flour and the lard. Knead well, adding almost all the remainder of the flour. Let rise and then roll out for doughnuts. Fry in deep fat. Eat warm with molasses or honey.

I’d (M) been hiding out in Philadelphia, USA for some time—now you see why, and so begins the newly-themed posts House Envy. My very dear, dear friends Lauren and Tommy bought this house in Fishtown about 5 years ago and they’ve pretty much done all the work themselves. They are artists, textile designers, carpenters, photographers, business people, chefs—they do it all and they make tasty & plentiful gin drinks. Their house a perfect mix of old, new, and that true feeling of home.
So on sunny Tuesday morning, Ms. B the kitty and I went on a photoshoot.

We’ll miss you, little Ms. B. She sadly passed away just yesterday, only 2 days after these photos were taken. She was my fluffy buddy during my visit—made sure I woke up each morning, stayed by my side, and literally curled up each day to nap in my Fjällräven pack while I was working next to her.

I (M) just got back from a few days in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA (sans mountains, it was too cloudy with snow) where it was quite chilly. Saturday reached -13°C / 7°F. That, and the landscape from the plane got me thinking about wool, cosy, quilted blankets. Ones with bright colours from Liberty Ldn…or a pink Pendleton, just because it’s St. Valentine’s Day.

The Atlantic Ocean is too far, I’m getting very itchy to get back and feel normal. We are good at fun and lazy days. Clockwise: Us imitating how tourists get low to the ground to feed squirrels, but K got the giggles / St. Paul’s Cathedral on a rainy day / Borough Market / The National Gallery

At first we only ate (many times) at St. John Bread and Wine, then we finally tried this one—St. John Bar and Restaurant, and since my leaving London, K has visited and loved the third: St. John Hotel. See Flickr pics. This post is somewhat late, as it was our Christmas dinner date, but it’s never too late to make a booking and try ’em out for yourself, whether you live locally or you’re planning a holiday there. Top to bottom: a beautiful Negroni, the octopus special, and pork belly, I believe.

I look at Valentine’s Day not in the usual candlelight and diamonds way—more like I was raised a hugger and a kisser, a don’t ever miss a chance to tell anyone I love you-er. It’s a mere coincidence I happen to fancy red & pink colour combinations, baking sweets, sending letters in the post, and dancing like a crazy person. These are a few things to make you smile, lovey-dovey or not.

From top, L to R:  Chelsea Wong / Eric Cahan / An adorable, chilly sheep at the farm show /
Moonrise Kingdom / Irresistable girliness / Best book ever / Tabletop Made cards = heart cutouts

V-tines Mix Tape Must-haves:  When I Go / EmmylouTake this Waltz / I’ve Loved You All Over the World  / You are my Joy via Annika / Holocene via Reardonk / Garden via Brad / I’m Still in Love with You via Swilly