Hey, Valentines

I look at Valentine’s Day not in the usual candlelight and diamonds way—more like I was raised a hugger and a kisser, a don’t ever miss a chance to tell anyone I love you-er. It’s a mere coincidence I happen to fancy red & pink colour combinations, baking sweets, sending letters in the post, and dancing like a crazy person. These are a few things to make you smile, lovey-dovey or not.

From top, L to R:  Chelsea Wong / Eric Cahan / An adorable, chilly sheep at the farm show /
Moonrise Kingdom / Irresistable girliness / Best book ever / Tabletop Made cards = heart cutouts

V-tines Mix Tape Must-haves:  When I Go / EmmylouTake this Waltz / I’ve Loved You All Over the World  / You are my Joy via Annika / Holocene via Reardonk / Garden via Brad / I’m Still in Love with You via Swilly


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