Monthly Archives: April 2012

Met K for an early brekky at Lantana this morning where we both had our first bubble and squeak, as well as our first black pudding, served with pear compote. I must say, I didn’t mind the latter as much as I thought—it is surprisingly more appealing than scrapple everyone eats back home. Also enjoyed poached eggs and rocket on sourdough, seems to be my standard at Lantana. Cheers, it’s Friday!


I want people who don’t understand art to understand what I’m doing.” —Al Weiwei
Lesley and my sister Cat visited us in December, but as I quickly followed them to the other side of the pond, I got delayed in sorting Ldn photographs. Clockwise: Ai Weiwei’s porcelain sunflower seeds—purchased by the Tate, according to reports on my birthday (you must watch this)  /  Lesley inside the sculpture aligned with the Tate Modern  /  London’s tallest structure (in the making) juxtaposed next to one of its oldest—the Tower of London, built in 1078. PS, it’s still raining, hence a grey theme.

Today my baby brother is 26! We all used to be taller than he. Here are some pics—through the years—I dug out of a family album. Top left was 21 years ago, I can tell by how many front teeth he was missing. Next to it is a comparison to present day. I think he likes the gift I gave him today—a set of quoits! Happy Birthday, bruder Benny! And tomorrow, to Julianne and Grant, too. XO