Settled in

Hard to believe I (M) have been back in London a little over two weeks already. After another visit to the Columbia Road flower market, our window boxes now have azaleas, poppies, and fushias. We also bought a fern, we call her Fern. It’s difficult not to buy everything there—we really wanted a bitty lemon tree—but kept in our budget of £20 in order to justify getting our new cafetiere. I brought over a few comforts of home, including the favourite pillow my very talented friend Lauren made me. Aside from finally getting situated, Monday’s a bank holiday and our friend Danny is visiting from Seattle, so albeit just 8°C outside, we’re looking forward to drinking cocktails and sight-seeing! Finally, finally, perhaps, the White Cliffs of Dover. Can’t. Wait.

1 comment
  1. chelsea said:

    Ooo! Love your shoes. Which cafetiere are you going to get??

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