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This post was for summer solstice, but it was rainy and cold in London that day. So, instead, hi, July! Hooray for watermelon and vitamin D plus fruitful, summertime adventures and all you need to celebrate the American Independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain Day, typically referred to as the Fourth of July. Cue the fireworks, people.

Clockwise: Lazy Oaf / Herman Miller / Superga / Supra Dixon / Vans / Paul Smith / Roost’s watermelon mojito pops / 1 of my top 3 favourite books everFiat*
*For some reason, the original post that went live was a previous version. 


Peonies, anyone? Or jasmine or lemon trees or Easter cactus. Columbia Road Flower Market in London’s East End is quite an experience if you haven’t been. Definitely the place to be on Sunday to buy flowers, listen to sidewalk musicians, nibble on oysters. Go early to avoid the packed crowds, or go late to get the 3-plants-for-£5 deals. If you’re indecisive because you love all flora like we do, make a plan and a budget beforehand, it’s much easier and will save you time in the people-traffic-jam that is the flower market—time well spent drinking a second bloody mary.

Inspiring and refreshing works by Fede Saenz (from Brooklyn, NY via Argentina) and Melissa Castillon (Cambridge, UK). Meticulous, dainty, and purposeful strokes with pretty colour combinations—makes me want to make stuff all day long, realising I haven’t been painting and drawing enough as of late. I remembered reading this great Miranda July quote:

I guess my favourite thing in the world is when I look at a piece of art, or read a story, or watch a movie where I walk away feeling like ‘Oh my god—I have to do something, I have to make something or talk to someone—things are not the same anymore’—and so I try to make work where you come away with that feeling. It’s like, yeah, you’re thinking about what you just saw, but even more than that—you feel able, you feel like, kind of propelled. From Pretty Cool People Interviews

My mom and her husband Phil came to visit for their very first trip across the pond, ever— a wee bit exciting. It was an action-packed ten days with rainstorms and a few sunny spots, gin drinks and other British delectables, lots of walking and even a train trip to Paris—those pics to come. L to R: custard tart at St. John’s, London cup (we went twice for this) at Mishkin’s, Big Ben, the rose garden at Hyde Park, pies plus fish & chips at Golden Union, Kensington Palace, Wellington Arch, telephone box, and a poppy/daisy field at St. James’s Park. Whew!

My father moved through theys of we, 
singing each new leaf out of each tree
(and every child was sure that spring
danced when she heard my father sing)
e.e. cummings, ‘my father moved through dooms of love’

Wishing the world of pops and grandpops a lovely fathers’ day—one filled with games of horseshoes, grilled corn-on-the-cob, and poppa bear hugs. Hoping—whether near yours or not so much—you have a heart full of sweet memories. And remembering fondly my own dad, who I miss so very much. /M