Diamond Jubilee

The 4-day Jubilee holiday weekend has arrived! The Queen celebrates 60 years as Monarch and all of London has been transformed into Diamond Jubilee mania for the celebrations to take place 2-5 June. What else can one do but join in. We’ve even put bunting on our front door (above), the rose-patterned toilet paper has been purchased, and we’re gearing up for Field Day festival tomorrow! Here’s a proper souvenir wish list—including staple British designs I do love, everything you and I need for the party, and more. Happy Jubileeeee! (and the best news is Mother and Phil arrive Tuesday!)

1 Tea towel / 2 Tin tray / 3 Strawberry Conserve / 4 Anglepoise /  5 Crown ring  / 6 Penhaligon’s perfume7 Tattoos / 8 Corgie jumper / 9 Enamel cups / 10 Eyelashes  / 11 Sex Pistols tee

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  1. watching the Thames procession on TV right now 🙂 Have a nice 4 days off!

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