Les Animaux Dans Le Pré

Iela Mari (Milan, 1931) authored/illustrated/designed many wordless children’s books, some with her husband Enzo Mari. I found this book—Les Animaux Dans Le Pré by Iela Mari—in a charity shop near our flat. Am in love with the illustrations; no words, no language barrier. All the animals in the meadow. Available here.

“I believe that for a child who is trying to understand it, nature is too complex. So I tried to make things simpler by creating essential images, making the real truer than the real. To do this is necessary to start out from analysis to arrive at synthesis, not the other way round. For example, you must first draw in all the details of a leaf, and then rub out ruthlessly…” (from the catalogue “Iela Mari. The world through a lens”, Milano-Bologna, 2010, pag. 7 by Francesca Archinto – Babalibri).

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  1. Lesley Weiner said:

    love these cakes, had to reblog.

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