Monthly Archives: July 2012

Beach weather. Too nice to be on a computer and blog, but here’s a peek of London sunset. Will post more when it starts raining again. It is so lovely and healthy. Bought new shoes, we both did.


The most extensive Bauhaus exhibit in the UK in over 40 years is going on at the Barbican through 12 August. It was pretty incredible, an overdose of inspiration. (Says the girl who got tears in her eyes reading the last panel at the exhibit—the one that tells of the school’s eventual closing—even though she already knew the story of its demise.) Definitely book tickets online beforehand to avoid the queues and wear comfy shoes, there is so much goodness to see. K loves the Barbican [Estate], but admittedly, I didn’t love it on my first couple of visits—it’s lonely. But it’s grown on me now and I realised my favourite parts are the negative shapes the buildings make, which are really only apparent when the sky is blue. AND, even the walls in the subway are smart and stylishly Scandinavian (i.e. flippin’ awesome) in Oslo. Go make some cool shit this weekend. 

We travelled to Oslo last week for a quick 4-day adventure with Norwegian friend Vegard and [Spanish] friend Sandra. I began compiling all the photographs but realised the exquisiteness of the Opera House—or in Norwegian, Operahuset—could not be summed up in a single photograph, it warrants its own post. Completed in 2007 by Norwegian architects Snøhetta (same firm building the Sept. 11 Memorial), it’s the rising-out-of-the-water home to the National Opera and Ballet, and thanks to Vegard’s sweet friend Daniel, we even got a backstage tour. In its entirely, the Operahuset is stunning—immense, reflective, interactive, crisp, warm, jagged, beachy, marbley, not to mention the inside smells like a forest. I’m having a tough time aptly describing it, nor do the photographs capture what it’s truly like to be there. Put this on your list.

Since living in the UK where salt and cider vinegar crisps taste worlds better than back home, we have also cooked more potatoes than ever before and last night was no exception. It was a quick meal of BOLTs—bacon, onion, lettuce, and tomato—and this easy accompaniment was rather yummy.

INGREDIENTS//  3 potatoes, sliced lengthwise to 1/4-inch thickness / 2 cups white or malt vinegar / extra virgin olive oil / kosher salt / pepper

INSTRUCTIONS//  In a small pot, combine the potato slices and vinegar. Bring to boil, then simmer 8–10 minutes. Let cool in the liquid for about 30 minutes. Preheat oven to broiler setting with rack about 6 inches below heat source. After 30 minutes, drain potatoes well and pat dry with paper towels. Place potato slices onto a baking sheet, sprinkle generously with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Toss to coat. Arrange potatoes in single layer and broil until browned on top, about 7 minutes. Then flip the slices and broil until browned again, 7 minutes. Serves 2-3. Adapted from Martha, sort of.

A few new and favourite things you all need to know about. First up is a lovely lady I got to know recently, a real peach: Meghan in Santa Barbara, USA just launched Riviera Vintage, the online storefront where she sells her fully restored vintage furniture. The work is impeccable, I’ll take one of everything. Never a better time to drive to So. Cal and pick up proper goods, folks. Next is our super friend Sarah in Baltimore, USA who owns Radica, and is the textile perfectionist behind the business. Both fabric pieces shown are her craft—Chain pattern and Doilie —and her newly launched site has all the interior fabrics you’ve been dreaming of. Lastly, Gather, a new bi-annual food magazine, which will appear in our postbox. I do not know the people behind it, but I sure do wish I did.

Happy Independence Day, America! Enjoy your day swimming and eating grilled everything. I baked this cake for my [British] workmates, hotdogs indoors didn’t seem as appealing. Literally nicked the recipe from one of my favourite food blogs Smitten Kitchen, except I halved all the sugar, no need for it. And my cake topper is made from miscellaneous found materials, if you must know. From the mountains to the prairies to the oceans white with foam—happy July 4th, home sweet home!
(Of course I just sang that out loud while I typed it.)