A visit to Stonehenge

Jeff was with us in London for 48 short hours a couple weeks ago. We hopped a last minute train at Waterloo that Saturday and headed to “the teeth in the gums of the earth” as our automated tour described it—Stonehenge. A complete mystery, these gems are from 3000 BC. They really are still asking who, how, why—mostly why, but definitely how and who. The countryside is quite lovely, too—green and sheep and prehistoric barrows abound. Albeit cold, windy and raining (much like the previous time I’d been to Stonehenge in 2001) it’s perfect for a half-day adventure.

1 comment
  1. Frau said:

    Modelini, if you would just READ _The Crystal Cave_, you would see that Merlin built them to “deck” Ambrosius’s tomb with light!

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