We travelled to Oslo last week for a quick 4-day adventure with Norwegian friend Vegard and [Spanish] friend Sandra. I began compiling all the photographs but realised the exquisiteness of the Opera House—or in Norwegian, Operahuset—could not be summed up in a single photograph, it warrants its own post. Completed in 2007 by Norwegian architects Snøhetta (same firm building the Sept. 11 Memorial), it’s the rising-out-of-the-water home to the National Opera and Ballet, and thanks to Vegard’s sweet friend Daniel, we even got a backstage tour. In its entirely, the Operahuset is stunning—immense, reflective, interactive, crisp, warm, jagged, beachy, marbley, not to mention the inside smells like a forest. I’m having a tough time aptly describing it, nor do the photographs capture what it’s truly like to be there. Put this on your list.

  1. Beautiful. (and great photos!) A fantastic bit of place making… more of a landscape than a building, awesome.

  2. Sarah said:

    what’s going on in the 3rd photo? The one that looks a bit like honeycomb with green behind it?

    • That is part of many larger walls with that pattern, and yes, holes and light coming from all directions. Details. Amazing.

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