Made well

The most extensive Bauhaus exhibit in the UK in over 40 years is going on at the Barbican through 12 August. It was pretty incredible, an overdose of inspiration. (Says the girl who got tears in her eyes reading the last panel at the exhibit—the one that tells of the school’s eventual closing—even though she already knew the story of its demise.) Definitely book tickets online beforehand to avoid the queues and wear comfy shoes, there is so much goodness to see. K loves the Barbican [Estate], but admittedly, I didn’t love it on my first couple of visits—it’s lonely. But it’s grown on me now and I realised my favourite parts are the negative shapes the buildings make, which are really only apparent when the sky is blue. AND, even the walls in the subway are smart and stylishly Scandinavian (i.e. flippin’ awesome) in Oslo. Go make some cool shit this weekend. 


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