Monthly Archives: August 2012

The movers came this morning. Tonight’s the last in our little London home. How I’ll miss my massive geraniums! For now, K’s out enjoying the sunshine, I’m finishing my last day at work, and we’re off to Copenhagen on Monday for the start of a September-long adventure. I’m not one to computer while on holiday, so don’t count on blog posts—but I promise we’ll pick up somewhere in a month, Ldn isn’t over. I’m too awful at goodbyes. XO.


Happy Birthday, Kitty! Although she was likely the leader of the mid-80’s conspirators that encouraged my young self to consume a poisonous mushroom, I have since forgiven my big sister and love her very much. Kitty is wonderful, wild, adventurous. She’s stuck by my crazy self through it all: meek childhood days and cross-country road trips in the family station wagon, to navigating the Alaskan wilderness ourselves (I typically insisted we go the wrong way) or conquering 17,000 feet in the Himalayas while I ruined the landscape with altitude sickness—she was there and I am very glad. I would not be alive today, nor would I be who I am without her. Love, wishes, she’s the best.

Hooray for proper summer! This past weekend was quite possibly the most enjoyable—filled with sun, city, canal strolls, florals, good eats/drinks/reads/cricket-watching at Regents Park and friends over in our courtyard for a last minute BBQ. Saturday marked our 1-year in Londontown, and as I type this, K is working his last shift at Great Ormond Street. The year has flown by! Sadly, our official leave-London date is 3 September—we knew it would likely be just a year. So we’ll travel a bit here before heading back to the states where new adventures lie and an amazingly important job awaits K. Blogging may be sparse this coming week, as we have packing to do and a party every night. Well, almost; you Brits know how it goes (which, might I add, we have welcomed with open arms.) Wink.

Bottom photograph by Paul Fox.


Summer’s in full swing here and ever since the Olympics came and went, it’s been one celebratory night after another. Enter summertime adult bevvies. K is best at making cocktails. I drink ’em, I just always add too much of this or too much of that. But when I found Smitten Kitchen’s super easy recipe for a blackberry gin fizz, I happened to have strawberries and well, now I’m practically a bartender with this version.

INGREDIENTS// 1/4 cup fresh strawberries / 2 tablespoons sugar / 1/2 cup gin / 1/4 cup fresh lime juice (2 limes) / Club soda / 2 sprigs sweet basil or 2 thin lime wedges (for garnish)

INSTRUCTIONS// Halve strawberries. Purée strawberries and sugar with a blender until liquified. (I didn’t do this next step, but for those who cannot have seeds, strain purée through a fine-mesh sieve or tea strainer into two tall or collins-style glasses; discard seeds in sieve.) Divide gin and lime juice between glasses and stir to combine. Add ice to glasses then top each with soda and a sprig of basil or wedge of lime. Give ’em a quick stir. Sit in the sun and enjoy. Adapted from Smitten Kitchen

I (M) actually made it to the Olympic Games—dressed in USA/Team GB colours! Whoa. With a mere 3 days left, this was made possible by Foxy, my fantastic workmate and excellent friend, and his obsessive internet attempts. It turns out our other awesome mate—our boss Paul—let us skip work and spend the day (almost 12 hours) in a sunny, 29°C/84°F Olympic Park. It was brilliant, to say the least. We watched 2 men’s hockey matches—first Argentina vs. New Zealand, second Pakistan vs. South Korea. K’s been on nights this week, so while he was sleeping, we cheered on South Korea. They lost. The rest of the day was spent wandering the park and watching events on the big screen, getting exceptional amounts of vitamin D and taking photographs—of which the pretty blue skies were an integral part. What they said was true, it really was the happiest place on earth.

No, we haven’t had any luck getting a ticket to see an Olympic event, I’m over it, not really. Meanwhile, back in the USA, a very fine man needs reelecting soon, and so my 2012 OBAMA tee (in men’s and ladies’) is up for pre-order sale. Pass it on to all your friends and families—support independent artists, and well, get out there and vote in style. BAM! Buy your tee here.