Olympic blue skies

I (M) actually made it to the Olympic Games—dressed in USA/Team GB colours! Whoa. With a mere 3 days left, this was made possible by Foxy, my fantastic workmate and excellent friend, and his obsessive internet attempts. It turns out our other awesome mate—our boss Paul—let us skip work and spend the day (almost 12 hours) in a sunny, 29°C/84°F Olympic Park. It was brilliant, to say the least. We watched 2 men’s hockey matches—first Argentina vs. New Zealand, second Pakistan vs. South Korea. K’s been on nights this week, so while he was sleeping, we cheered on South Korea. They lost. The rest of the day was spent wandering the park and watching events on the big screen, getting exceptional amounts of vitamin D and taking photographs—of which the pretty blue skies were an integral part. What they said was true, it really was the happiest place on earth.


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