Hooray for proper summer! This past weekend was quite possibly the most enjoyable—filled with sun, city, canal strolls, florals, good eats/drinks/reads/cricket-watching at Regents Park and friends over in our courtyard for a last minute BBQ. Saturday marked our 1-year in Londontown, and as I type this, K is working his last shift at Great Ormond Street. The year has flown by! Sadly, our official leave-London date is 3 September—we knew it would likely be just a year. So we’ll travel a bit here before heading back to the states where new adventures lie and an amazingly important job awaits K. Blogging may be sparse this coming week, as we have packing to do and a party every night. Well, almost; you Brits know how it goes (which, might I add, we have welcomed with open arms.) Wink.

Bottom photograph by Paul Fox.


  1. Frau said:

    Lovely! I recall 1988 was “der Sommer des Jahrhunderts” and we were lucky to be traveling across the pond. Perhaps the weather will hold for you as you visit Berlin, and, I hope, Munich. September 3rd is indeed approaching, and we wish you the best.

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