Monthly Archives: December 2012

Aaaand. We’re. Back! It’s been a bit—travelling, unpacking, new jobs, installing computer memory, Thanksgiving, yelling at health insurance companies. The move from London to Seattle was more difficult (mentally, emotionally) than expected. It’s been awhile, but alas, we are officially moved in, the sun lamp has been ordered, and the new couch arrived as did the holidays—so we decided to pick up the blog again. I couldn’t think of a better way to ease back in than with a friend gift guide—that is, goods our close friends (and I!) have made or do—all of which you might consider for your friends & family this December holiday of choice. Made with love in USA or UK, of course! Only the best.

CopticStreetClockwise: Boutique Textiles tree skirtTabletop Made holiday card packs / Radica Textiles fabric-by-the-yard / Boutique Textiles ombré cushions / Branch greeting cards / Direct Relief International domestic and/or international donations