Recipe no. 010

settingrad2foodI was given a GATHER Journal in December, then bought 2 more to give as Christmas gifts, and just tonight made my first recipe: smoky black lentils & radicchio. It was, like, better than anything I’ve made in a long time. I didn’t really make a new year’s resolution, but am trying to be more patient and focused, and this includes kitchen behaviour. You’ll want GATHER if you like one or more of the following: paper, print, books, the smell of ink, photography, unpretentiousness, eating, and/or cooking. I’m not even going to list the recipe like I usually do because you need to just go out and get it. Next up is the Black Velvet—a champagne and Guinness cocktail—or maybe the tea eggs with bone broth. Find a copy and happy new year. Bon appetit!


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