settingrad2foodI was given a GATHER Journal in December, then bought 2 more to give as Christmas gifts, and just tonight made my first recipe: smoky black lentils & radicchio. It was, like, better than anything I’ve made in a long time. I didn’t really make a new year’s resolution, but am trying to be more patient and focused, and this includes kitchen behaviour. You’ll want GATHER if you like one or more of the following: paper, print, books, the smell of ink, photography, unpretentiousness, eating, and/or cooking. I’m not even going to list the recipe like I usually do because you need to just go out and get it. Next up is the Black Velvet—a champagne and Guinness cocktail—or maybe the tea eggs with bone broth. Find a copy and happy new year. Bon appetit!


A few new and favourite things you all need to know about. First up is a lovely lady I got to know recently, a real peach: Meghan in Santa Barbara, USA just launched Riviera Vintage, the online storefront where she sells her fully restored vintage furniture. The work is impeccable, I’ll take one of everything. Never a better time to drive to So. Cal and pick up proper goods, folks. Next is our super friend Sarah in Baltimore, USA who owns Radica, and is the textile perfectionist behind the business. Both fabric pieces shown are her craft—Chain pattern and Doilie —and her newly launched site has all the interior fabrics you’ve been dreaming of. Lastly, Gather, a new bi-annual food magazine, which will appear in our postbox. I do not know the people behind it, but I sure do wish I did.

This post was for summer solstice, but it was rainy and cold in London that day. So, instead, hi, July! Hooray for watermelon and vitamin D plus fruitful, summertime adventures and all you need to celebrate the American Independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain Day, typically referred to as the Fourth of July. Cue the fireworks, people.

Clockwise: Lazy Oaf / Herman Miller / Superga / Supra Dixon / Vans / Paul Smith / Roost’s watermelon mojito pops / 1 of my top 3 favourite books everFiat*
*For some reason, the original post that went live was a previous version. 

Iela Mari (Milan, 1931) authored/illustrated/designed many wordless children’s books, some with her husband Enzo Mari. I found this book—Les Animaux Dans Le Pré by Iela Mari—in a charity shop near our flat. Am in love with the illustrations; no words, no language barrier. All the animals in the meadow. Available here.

“I believe that for a child who is trying to understand it, nature is too complex. So I tried to make things simpler by creating essential images, making the real truer than the real. To do this is necessary to start out from analysis to arrive at synthesis, not the other way round. For example, you must first draw in all the details of a leaf, and then rub out ruthlessly…” (from the catalogue “Iela Mari. The world through a lens”, Milano-Bologna, 2010, pag. 7 by Francesca Archinto – Babalibri).

Have I mentioned this was my favourite book of 2011? It was. I Want My Hat Back, written and illustrated by Ontario-native Jon Klassen, tells the story of a bear searching for his lost hat and all his animal kingdom friends who definitely haven’t seen said hat. I wish I made this book. Available at independent bookstores: New York, Seattle, London, Santa Barbara. Original photos from 36 Pages.