House Envy

We’ve been eyeing this tall and skinny house since we moved to London. It’s not far from where we live; wishing we’d get a sneak peek inside, no luck so far.


I’d (M) been hiding out in Philadelphia, USA for some time—now you see why, and so begins the newly-themed posts House Envy. My very dear, dear friends Lauren and Tommy bought this house in Fishtown about 5 years ago and they’ve pretty much done all the work themselves. They are artists, textile designers, carpenters, photographers, business people, chefs—they do it all and they make tasty & plentiful gin drinks. Their house a perfect mix of old, new, and that true feeling of home.
So on sunny Tuesday morning, Ms. B the kitty and I went on a photoshoot.

We’ll miss you, little Ms. B. She sadly passed away just yesterday, only 2 days after these photos were taken. She was my fluffy buddy during my visit—made sure I woke up each morning, stayed by my side, and literally curled up each day to nap in my Fjällräven pack while I was working next to her.